Cities that play together stay together.

The Guardian

Playable City extends you an open and free invitation, via creative technology installations, to play in public space, to begin a conversation about the kind of city you want to live in. By prompting unusual moments of interaction, it unlocks a social dialogue, bringing the citizens into a city development conversation – one which will vary in each location. 

Playable City has now been operating for 10 years, reaching five continents and nine cities, from Lagos  to Recife, Tokyo to Melbourne, Seoul to Austin, and of course our home city of Bristol, UK too. We have worked with over 74 partners and over 50 creatives, reaching over one million people globally since conception.  

Our Vision

We envision Playable City projects, labs, and experiences – wherever they might be located – reflecting our decade-worth of learning: we’ve spent the last few years in particular reflecting and gaining feedback on a number of themes including; who has the right to play and feels safe playing within city spaces, and what accessibility and inclusion in play mean.

Implementing these learnings in future Playable City projects will hopefully spark conversations about the democratisation of play, add to the reinvigoration of civic spaces, model growth and social responsibility within the creative economy, and enlighten someone’s day with moments of fun and play.