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Overview Document
A pdf document which provides a general overview of Playable City.

Playable City Values
Understand the values that are central to the programme

Playable City Checklist
An online form designed to help you to explore whether you have the necessary elements in place to deliver a Playable City programme.

Playable City Slack
A community needs a place to talk and share ideas. We have chosen to use Slack, a realtime messaging tool for this. If you are not familiar with Slack you can read more about it here. If you would like to be added to the Playable City Slack group, fill in this super quick form (sadly Slack does not allow us to automatically sign up all community members).

Workshop Guide
A suggested one-day workshop template, to help you build your community and better understand the relevance of Playable City within your city context.

Slide Deck
A set of presentation slides in three formats (Keynote, Powerpoint and PDF) that you can use in talks, workshops or meetings to present Playable City.

Video Bank
Project videos and talks from previous Playable City Awards, Labs and Conferences.

A note from the British Council
A page explaining the work of the British Council’s Creative Economy team, plus why and how they support Playable City across the World.

Touring Projects
If you are interested in hosting an existing Playable City project in your city, these documents will provide more information about available projects, installation specifications and logistics.