Paths is a public space musical instrument and light installation. The playful experience celebrates the journey of cyclist traversing urban environment. The movement of cyclists through monitored spaces will trigger synchronized and beautiful audio and visual representation.

Paths will transform the cyclists daily commute into a playful performance accessible to the wider public. The experience is shared with cyclists enjoying playful interaction and pedestrians benefiting from resulting sound and light spectacle. Playful and soothing sounds will be created in response to the environment and will draw the attention of the general public from afar. Lights will be used to highlight the flow and dynamic nature of movement on the cycle paths, and will focus the attention of the general public.

Paths will utilize a combination of motion sensors, speakers and lights strategically positioned along cycling paths. A group of sensors will be placed along paths to pick up motion over set distances. Grouped sections will be matched with audio and light segments that when combined will create a beautiful symphony. Paths will be installed in a limited number of locations of interest such as crossings with other cycling paths, interesting architectural/environmental locations and areas of high traffic and pedestrian congestion.

2 thoughts on “Paths

  1. I really like this idea. What will the visual be displayed on and how big / long with it be? Is it for the cyclists to appreciate or walkers? If cyclist they’re going to be moving at perhaps 10mph at least. Good concept.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for your feedback. Glad you like the concept!

    The visuals will take into account the surrounding environment and respond appropriately. Whether it’s diffuse light that stretches out over a large wall/space or a number of spot lights that are activated over distance, they will be beautiful. The visual elements are in some respects is secondary to the sound which will reach more people and draw attention to the combined piece.

    In terms of cyclist and walkers, Paths creates a relationship between the two. Paths encourages cyclist to explore cycle path through playful interactions and provides a spectacle for walkers. We hope that Paths will inspire pedestrians to cycle and importantly make them more aware of cyclists and cycle paths.

    Many thanks,

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