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Waiting in the bus stop is usually boring for the most passengers. In order to promote using bus transportation services, Make Your Rhythm believe changing it to a joyful experience might work. Pleasurabilty is an important factor. Make Your Rhythm is an appropriate waiting area which gives passengers the opportunity of having fun while they are waiting for the bus. At the first glance, the seats of this bus stop seem like swings that invite people to sit; but actually, similar to spring seats, the main direction of movement is vertical. Another exciting aspect is that each seat is linked to the column of LEDs which will light up by seat’s movement. Turning on the LEDs located in sidewalls in harmony with the intensity of up and down movement of seats motivates people to engage more or compete to achieve high-level of colorful LED light in comparison with others. Also, watching the harmony of movement and colors at this bus stop will catch the standing passengers attention and amuse them.

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  1. Wow. Love the idea. This is really cool that while seating and waiting for a bus to arrive you can have something to do not related to your phone or Facebook but related to the space itself and get disconnected from anything else and have a movement!

  2. After seeing the shortlisted projects i think that this project is the most intresting and FUN. It seems like a great idea for all ages and i would love to see it in my neighbourhood. It would make the boring wait much more fun!

  3. Hello,
    I found all 8 ideas great, but the most attractive one is the joyful bus stop “make your rhythm”, because first of all, it turned boring time of waiting for bus into a total excitement which almost everyone wants to try it at least for once and that can be possible because as you get out of the house you usually have to take a bus! However, I found attractiveness of the bus stop for children as the most effective part of the idea, because children can make lovely memories in the time waiting for bus and gradually get use to public transportation as an environment-friendly way of traveling, so it clearly is a thoughtful idea. The last advantage would be harmonious use of movement and color which reminds everyone joyful experiences of childhood and it brings happiness into exhausting activities of daily life in the light of a warm smile. Just i would like to know how can this idea can lead to social interactions?

    1. The initial interaction of individual with bus stop happens when someone sits on seat. By sitting, user not only realizes the possibility to play with the seat and light level, but also became motivated to move harder and faster toward up and down directions to achieve high-level of colorful LEDs lighting on the sidewalls of bus stop in compare with others. In the other words, an amazing competition will engage passengers during waiting time, and obviously this small game may change into a team work and the passengers will try to make their special rhythm of lighting by adjusting their speed and intensity of movement (high level of social interaction). Definitely for standing passengers, watching this team effort is interesting and fun too.

  4. I find this proposal very interesting and creative. It helps turning the dull moments of ‘ waiting’ into a fun and joyful experience for the passengers and passerbys alike. Using the idea of swing in a new sense has a strong influence on both children and grownups.

  5. Me and my ever- ready-for-joy inner child loved the idea! As it has always been a great idea to make the opportunity to enjoy serious adult moments like a joyful child.I am on your side for sure 🙂 and I wish your nice ideas would turn into reality soon.

  6. Really i surprised about this design and i think it is so workable in city, special for mothers and fathers who go out with children, this initiative is so interested for children and they are encouraged to use public transportation.

    Thank you

  7. Anything which promotes fun and entertainment is essential for the society and must be supported. Idea is really unique and new and no doubt wonderful approach to a new lifestyle. Be the best and beat the rest 🙂

  8. I think my sons would be happy using these seats, so, maybe my mind could relax for minutes till the bus appears. 🙂

  9. I think my sons would be happy using these seats, so, maybe my mind could relax for minutes till the bus appears. 🙂 Hurraaay

  10. What a great idea! I think it is the best one because it changes boring time of waiting for bus to interesting experience.

  11. Undoubtedly, similar to bus transportation,bus stops are also counted as infrastructures of transportation. In the world of transit, the role of bus stop to manage people while waiting for bus is crucial. Most of the bus stops around the world are just plain bus stops,but this idea in which boring time of waiting is replaced by delightful moments of fun along with music,can surely attract people to use bus transportation ore and more.
    It is also important for city planners as well as managerial sections to consider this great idea as an urban attraction.

  12. This one is my favourite. Art often leaves people out but all walks of society use buses (or should!) This one will bring a smile to students and commuters in the mornings and when going home after a hard day as well as people out having fun later in the evening.

  13. This looks like a really lovely idea for making waiting for the bus more fun. My only reservation is that youngsters (especially children) would not necessarily want to give up their seat to an elderly or less able person, because they were having so much fun. Maybe something could be added to remind people to share the fun.

    1. Hi Susannah
      Thanks for your comment!
      You’re right. The youngsters would not necessarily want to give up their seat to an elderly or people with disability; however we believe it completely depends on the ‘culture’. There are several cases that exhausted people coming back from work propound their seat to elderly and disabled on the bus. At ‘Make Your Rhythm’ watching others enjoy playing is interesting and fun too for standing passengers, so they may offer their seats to others who need sitting.

  14. This is amazing idea ever seen ,Really i surprised about this design and i think it is so workable in city, It seems like a great idea for all ages and i would love to see it in my neighbourhood.

  15. I absolutely liked the idea of turning the wasted waiting time to a dynamic creative time, especially I believe it would work for the parents where their children can get motivated to use public transports. I can imagine this idea being incorporated in Australia as we don’t have a perfect public transports and sometimes have to wait more than half an hour to catch the next bus if we missed the last.. I assure you it will work here! Congratulations and thank you!

    1. Hi Jonothan
      Thanks for the comment!
      Yes, for creating more excitement, it is possible to accompany each seat movement with a note of a melody in less crowded urban areas. The combination of notes could make a specific melody.
      Also, this level changing happens through four embedded springs between inflexible bars and seat place and fixed via four S hooks. These springs restrict the movement of seat in vertical direction.

  16. How fascinating it may seem to make a boring and frustrating wait to interesting moments. This project can really make my people’s days as they spend much of their time at bus stops every day. The noticeable point is that, it can work for different age groups and also disabled people.

  17. This is an amusing idea. Combination of art & technology can bring people together who waiting in a bus station. I think the expect time for arriving a bus will be more and more easier with this plan.

  18. Es ist eine praktische und witzige Idee. Sie leicht konstruiert werden kann. Es bietet eine freudige Erfahrung für Menschen, während auf den Bus warten. Ich frage mich, warum es noch nicht erfunden!

  19. This is a very interesting concept. A fin, smart and interesting idea that doesn’t need a million dollar to implement. I personally get bored at but station and I know this for many of my friend. Above us, another opportunity to take eyes off mobile screen – so that’s great!

  20. This is so attractive idea for people’s happiness and presuade them for mobility.
    Also meny of people in metropolises catch chronic lumbago and this idea is useful for strengtening meddle muscles.
    You can suse motional energy to charge mobiles or tablets or night light of bus station with a little linear electrical generator and simple electronic circuit.

  21. We hope that this excellent new exciting project to promote the use of buses as well as promoting finds all over the world.

  22. Wonderful idea! Changing waiting time in a joyful experience, will transform bus stop to an interesting and fun space. Playing together should also have a very positive social impact. Looking forward seeing this great idea turn into reality!

  23. I think it interesting plot will not notice most people wasting time and saves energy. I hope this project welcomed him.

  24. It is a very great and interesting idea,
    I personally get bored at bus station and I believe that “Make Your Rhythm” can make our wasting time and make all day,
    but is this project work for different age groups?
    for ex. if a child has fun at station, does he offer his seat to others who need sitting and share his fun with other people (specialy adults)?
    I liked this concept and I think you did the best.

  25. Guys, i do admire your effort to give the people love their city and being more tangible about it….
    This idea can be a good start for society to think more and solve and design with economical ideas

    Keep going

  26. Sound to be a great idea, what I liked most about this idea is that
    – it is changing one of the most boring times of your day to a fun
    – it encourages collaboration between strangers, these days everybody is mostly busy with his/her smartphone
    – it’s main focus is rythm which is th common language of all people

    – from an ergonomic point of veiw it should be deigned in a way that is not harmful to anybody, certain safety aspects needs to be considered

    1. Hi Kevin
      Many thanks for your attention. Regarding the challenges which you mentioned:
      Yes, you are right. The safety aspect of the “Make Your Rhythm” in terms of Electrical and Mechanical issues is taken into consideration.
      In order to prevent the accessibility and availability of electronic equipment, all of them, even LEDs have the protective covers. Also, due to the potential danger of springs to users, especially kids, they can be moved up – at the junction of the bars and the roof of bus station – or a protective cover can be considered for it.

  27. I like very much the idea!
    The time people spend waiting for the right bus can be playful and enhance positive interactions between you and your seat’s neighbour.
    The LED colours could be set up to give strong feelings of alertness or relaxation.

  28. It’s wonderful! In my mind the idea is a great way to make personalization possible in urban spaces. In addition to, it will be immersive game to me! I think people love the places where they have some effect on how they are looking. Just like what “Make Your Rhythm” provides the opportunity for them to realize their own importance.

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