Interactive Album

I propose to release my latest “album” in a completely new format exclusive to Bristol. Interactive, collaborative, existing simultaneously online and in the real world, it is a hybrid between light installation, musical performance and generative interface.

The “album” consists of eight “tracks” installed in a series of spaces throughout the city. On entering each space, the audience discovers an environment inhabited by music and projected visuals. By stepping into various trigger areas, separate audio-visual elements can be played individually and can also be combined to create a fuller arrangement. As the installation is explored the “track” evolves and builds in a similar way to a piece of dance music.

Several of these installations require more than one person to fully explore all the possibilities contained within. Each installation works as spectacle as well as interaction: to watch someone else “play” the track is as engaging as playing it oneself. Each installation also has a live presence online; the music and visuals are continually streamed live onto the project’s website. For its launch I will “play” each of the installations and perform my personal interpretation of the album.

This version of the “album” is its primary format. Rather than being a promotional device to advertise a full CD or DVD version, this is the full release of this work. It is the only way that it can be experienced and takes the place of any traditional “product.”

Watch a film about one of my similar previous projects here: