Article in Huffington Post

Yesterday the Huffington Post UK posted my article ‘What Can We Expect From Our Future Cities?’:

I remember clearly my first trip to New York City. I was seven and in awe of the skyscrapers and the sense of possibility. I remember too my uncle lying down on the floor to take a photo, which my younger, well-behaved self found shocking. “This is New York,” he said. “You can do anything here”. Which is of course relatively true for a tourist in New York, but in the main we have been conditioned to act in certain ways as we move through city life: we keep our heads down, we walk quickly, we get on.

Over half of the world’s population can be found living in cities and increasingly, they expect more from the place they live and work. How can we make cities more malleable, more hospitable places? In the future, playfulness, the creative expression of fun, will be key.

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