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Our vision is to establish a global network of people making and shaping their city through playful interventions. This site will act as a home for sharing tools, ideas, projects and methodologies, to strengthen all of our work. To begin, we have shared some of the insights we have gained from making work in Bristol, Lagos, Recife and Tokyo, through the Resources on the right.

Become a Playable City
If you would like your city to become a Registered Playable City, use the Playable City Checklist to tell us what you have in place and what you are already doing, and the team will be in touch.

If you don’t see what you need, would like to contribute some thinking/resources or don’t understand how to use this site, please get in touch.

Use of Resources and ideas
We share these resources under a Creative Commons licence (see below). As a member of the Playable City Network you are welcome to use them and change them but we request you attribute Playable City when you do, and you share back with us what you have done (so that we call all learn).

Copyright of all Playable City ideas are owned by those who originated them. They cannot be replicated or produced without their collaboration / permission. Whenever you mention a Playable City project, please ensure you provide a full credit to the originator and use appropriate photo credits.


Creative Commons Licence
These resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please use the following attribution wording : Based on a work from