The City you Dreamed of

When we were kids people would say “Draw your dream city”  And we would. With colourful abandon. But now we’re grown up. We’re living in these cities. Are they the ones you dreamed of?

Tumbling out of the back of a re-appropriated tip-up truck will come huge building blocks, all colours and shapes. An open invitation to play, build your dream city, knock it down, and then build it again. Colour it in, move it around, inscribe it with your undying love and share your dreams with the person next to you.

As kids everything had the potential for magic, so embedded sensors will allow us to make unexpected combinations of blocks sing, light up and slide open. Throughout the two months the truck will meander through the city, surprising people in their daily routine and encouraging them to re-imagine their city.  Capturing their creations on stop-time cameras and through the sensors inside the blocks.

Films of Bristol’s dream cities will be projected in a central location- alongside new beautiful data mashups of blocks’ movements.

With every city we tour to, footage of the inspiring creations will be collected, creating a testament to the cities we want to build. The cities we dream of.