Stop, Smile, Stroll

Playable City Award 2016 Winner

Stop, Smile, Stroll is the winner of the 2016 Playable City Award and is now in development.

We travel the city in our own worlds – often disconnected from our surroundings and other people while being saturated with information. Stop Smile Stroll has the ingredients to create a magical moment that would break us free from our individual bubbles while turning information into something to get excited about collectively.

Stop Smile Stroll is a playful intervention at pedestrian crossings that brings strangers together for a serendipitous moment of shared fun while breaking the mundane ‘stop and walk’ routine. The traffic light experience aims to subtly reference important moments of our routine by bringing a twist to them: Daily data, touching on the weather, rush hour, our working hours, traffic, current events and more, will be translated into snippets of recognised songs, images, or phrases – offering food for thought, or simply putting a smile on the pedestrians and drivers’ faces while they wait for the light to turn green.

Pedestrians will press a button to cross the road. When the light goes green for them, sounds, lights, images and other transformations will bring the cross walk to life; encouraging passers by and people in the cars to participate as much as they choose. No matter how much they get involved, they will all have an opportunity for a memorable experience. The transformations will reference local data points, aiming to be relevant to its community.

4 thoughts on “Stop, Smile, Stroll

  1. Why wouldnt they? Think of it as creating an opportunity for engagement which we can seed with people who ‘get the party started’ alongside awesome transformations… For some people, it will offer an excuse to participate, and for others, a playful memory to brighten their evening!

  2. I am a bit doubtful about ths, I can’t imagine of dancing while passing through the street
    Normally in such situations people get scared

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