Stop, Smile, Stroll

Playable City Award 2016 Winner

Stop, Smile, Stroll, winner of the 2016 Playable City Award will appear as part of the 5G Layered Realities festival in Bristol in March.

Stop, Smile, Stroll was created by Design studio Hirsch and Mann.

We travel the city in our own worlds – often disconnected from our surroundings and other people. The ingredients for a magical moment are always around us: Lights, noise and people.

Stop Smile Stroll will transform a pedestrian crossing into a 30-second opportunity for sharing a moment of magic. It is a playful intervention at pedestrian crossings that brings strangers together for a moment of shared fun, breaking the mundane ‘stop and walk’ routine.

And what better way to enrich the otherwise dull traffic light moments, than by making use of a city’s transparency vis-a-vis its citizens? Located in Bristol, a hub for open data, the intervention will potentially be informed by relevant datasets to further engage people with their environment and with each other.