Playable City Sandbox: Squeeze Me

Squeeze Me uses inflatable soft robotic technology to create a compelling and charming tactile and visual experience. Huge, inflatable and illuminated creatures, wrapped around trees, lamp posts or other street furniture, invite passers-by to hug, squeeze, lean on or poke them. Creatures will respond with shape-change, light and sound and will influence other creatures nearby.

An illustration of 5 round creatures attached to lamp posts with stick people playing, touching, and hugging them. The illustration is on top of a phot of an open square with people walking. The image background is blue fading downwards to a light brown.

Squeeze me will be created by Air Giants who are a creative robotics studio building inflatable, pneumatically-controlled, wonderful creatures.

About Playable City Sandbox 2023 

Playable City Sandbox is a creative research and development programme. Watershed’s Sandbox methodology provides a facilitated space where participants have the chance to transform an experimental idea to a working prototype over three months of rapid research and development. 

Playable City Sandbox is part of the MyWorld IDEAS programme, funded by UK Research and Innovation’s Strength in Places Fund to establish the West of England as the global centre of creative technology excellence.