Playable City Sandbox: Street Pixel

Street Pixel is hardware graffiti; designed to reinvigorate the relationship between people and their cities by transforming the street below into opportunities for connection and play using creative technology, game design and a sustainable approach to materials and electronic hardware.

A section of pavement with 7 paving slabs lit up and shining coloured lights upward. The Street Pixel logo is in front of the lights.

Street Pixel is interactive pavement that transforms urban spaces through light, sound and play. 

Street Pixels work by stepping or rolling onto them to activate colourful lights, musical sound and games at your feet. Then light up the path ahead of you, stop and play your favourite games (like hopscotch, street piano and whack-a-mole), or sit back and watch as the pavement becomes animated with light and colour. 

Street Pixel connects the public with their environment and with each other sparking surprise, joy, social play and delight. From kids to grownups,  local residents to visiting tourists, Street Pixel brings people together. 

Street Pixel showcase took place 6 – 7 July at Watershed (harbourside) and St Nicholas Night Market.

The Team

Street Pixel is created by Biome Collective which is an interdisciplinary studio dedicated to pushing the boundaries of playful media. Over the last decade our projects have been redefining the relationship between audiences and public spaces with experiences and interventions that combine game design with unique hardware. Their work has transformed architecture and cultural spaces into responsive artworks- accessible and dynamic environments that break down barriers and create playful opportunities between these spaces and the public. They see huge opportunities to support and improve social dynamics and mental health in urban environments using creative and sustainable solutions that engage people with each other and their environments.