Playable City Sandbox: Street Pixel

Street Pixel is hardware graffiti; designed to reinvigorate the relationship between people and their cities by transforming the street below into opportunities for connection and play using creative technology, game design and a sustainable approach to materials and electronic hardware.

A black background with white text saying 'street pixel' in the centre. Under the word pixel is a red square with a red stripe going up.

Street Pixel is created by Biome Collective which is an interdisciplinary studio dedicated to pushing the boundaries of playful media. Over the last decade our projects have been redefining the relationship between audiences and public spaces with experiences and interventions that combine game design with unique hardware. Their work has transformed architecture and cultural spaces into responsive artworks- accessible and dynamic environments that break down barriers and create playful opportunities between these spaces and the public. They see huge opportunities to support and improve social dynamics and mental health in urban environments using creative and sustainable solutions that engage people with each other and their environments.

About Playable City Sandbox 2023 

Playable City Sandbox is a creative research and development programme. Watershed’s Sandbox methodology provides a facilitated space where participants have the chance to transform an experimental idea to a working prototype over three months of rapid research and development. 

Playable City Sandbox is part of the MyWorld IDEAS programme, funded by UK Research and Innovation’s Strength in Places Fund to establish the West of England as the global centre of creative technology excellence.