Imagine being able to step into someone else’s life and try it out for a while

Imagine understanding and feeling the hopes, fears and motivations of others from the inside. Empath does just that: it enables you to become someone else and navigate their life for a while.

You hear the internal thought stream of your character, who responds to actions you take in the real word, like who you choose to call or where you choose to go. Every action you take deepens your investment in your character’s story.

Audio augmented reality

This new form of experience uses technology to ground the audience in the real world rather than removing them from it. It’s an audio augmented reality experience where the drama is in the player’s head, controlled by decisions they make in the real world, like where to walk or who to call.

The process of embodying another person makes the player hyper-aware of their experience in the current moment. This enables a space to explore and challenge beliefs and a new awareness of people, their surrounds and self.

Developed by Splash&Ripple, Empath is a platform to tell difficult and complex stories.

Inspired by Playable City Recife Lab

Empath storygame “Through Another’s Eyes” follows a young woman facing an unexpected pregnancy. The audience are asked to help the woman negotiate this scenario by becoming her and navigating a crucial hour of her life. The story grows out of their interaction with the other key characters in her story: mother, father, boyfriend and friend.

“Through Another’s Eyes” was inspired by the “Woman in the Wall“, a project idea developed as part of the 2014 Playable City Recife Lab.