Russel Hlongwane

Russel Hlongwane is an arts administrator and creative industries consultant. His area of interest is in heritage, tradition and modernity in South Africa and Africa as a broader frame. He is strongly engaged in film, music, and design with an interest in pedagogy and the mechanics of the creative economy.

Based in Durban, Russel works with a broad range of arts organisations through his arts advocacy portfolio. These include Arterial Network, the Performing Arts Network of South Africa, KZNSA Gallery and ASSITEJ.  He has also worked as policy and cultural researcher for various clients. His practice has developed to capacitate cultural institutions to address organisational development that can contribute to a thriving cultural sector.  Through his various roles, Russel is constantly inviting interesting work to Durban, whilst connecting Durban based projects with national initiatives and this remains an important aspect of his work.

Russel co-founded, Onexus Music Business, a music business education company that teaches emerging musicians about the ever-changing music industry. He has recently established a lean consultancy, Cultural & Creative Commerce, a formal entity that allows his creative production and administrative based work to coalesce and exist in a complementary manner.