Malaika Toyo

Malaika Toyo has vast experience working working as a creative producer, events manager and independent arts and culture consultant with organisations such as The Africa Centre, Ford Foundation, Goethe Institut, Create London, The United Nations, Arterial Network and African Arts Institute. She has a strong background in fundraising, and has produced arts seasons and festivals which include BIG60 Arts & Culture Festival and BLOCK PARTY in Lagos, Nigeria.  With a degree in International Economics from Coventry University and a Masters in Creative and Media Enterprises from the University of Warwick, she has amassed a rich understanding of the challenges and requirements needed in addressing policy issues as it relates to the cultural and creative economy in Africa.

Founder of Made Culture, a committee member of Arterial Network (Cultural Policy Officer) and the Head of Strategy and Projects at AWCA – A Whitespace Creative Agency her current research and advocacy activities focus on redefining and promoting culture and creative industries as a tool for development and societal advancement.

She has provided arts marketing and audience development support to organisations which include; SWARM UK, Arterial Network, Alliance Francais, Culinary Academy – Lagos and Art X Lagos.

Her core interest is in advancing culture spaces where ideas, values and beliefs are articulated within frameworks for development that signify and inform a transferrable narrative.

Malaika has contributed to several publications and has written several papers on cultural policy, the cultural dimensions of development and rights-based issues as it relates to cultural expression.