Anel Moldakhmetova

Anel Moldakhmetova is a cultural projects curator, expert in cultural programming and creative producer at Light+Space studio, specializing on urban design and city development projects. She is also responsible for strategic communications and project coordination.

Since 2016 Anel has been a curator and producer of Archcode Almaty project (research and preservation of architectural heritage of the city) and a co-founder of Urban Talks Almaty (educational and discussion platform for city activists and professionals, promoting changes in the city through professional talks, open lectures, workshops, field research, networking and expertise). Since 2015 she has been communication strategist and consultant for Almaty Urban Air working group project, dedicated to air quality monitoring and advocacy of air quality issues in the city.

Anel has also worked as a producer of theater and art projects, such as pop-mechanical performance «Medea.Material» in a shopping mall and a public space intervention at Almaty railway station called «Living room» by Japanese artist Tatsu Nishi.

Anel graduated from Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design (International institution based in Moscow) in 2014, where she was a researcher in Dwelling Studio and worked on the concept of temporary housing for Moscow city center and the Future Urbanism project. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Oriental Studies, specializing on Japanese language, history and culture.

Anel is also a community connections specialist, working with civil activists in city development.  Her professional activity includes community building strategies, strategic communication, placemaking, urban data research and consultancy. Anel is based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She has lived and worked in Bogota, Moscow, Wroclaw, Astana and Almaty.