Yang Sookyun

Yang Sookyun (*1982) defines contemporary media as ‘everything produced by technology’ and believes that the media experience accumulated in the technology-human-environment is embodied, becomes a new imagination, and transforms into another energy. She is interested in the experience created by the physical space filled with ‘technical objects’ and expresses them in various ways by combining this embodied media experience with technical imagination. She has performed numerous media projects with members of the media artist group : Jonpasang such as Hyper-Matrix (2012), Brilliant cube (2013-14) and P-city media 2.0 (2016) and exhibited Inter&Vice theCreatorsprojects (2011), Da Vinci Creative (2014), Asia Culture Complex(2015), KOFAC GAS (2017) and Cheong-ju Craft Biennale (2017). She is currently working on Project Team A-Maker in MMCA Chang-dong Residency.‚Äč