PCT Team

Inspired by the global Playable City movement, PCT Team B is a Japanese collective that has come together to explore, generate and experiment with ideas that enrich the experience of the city at the human level.

Members of the team first met through the Playable City Tokyo workshops in 2014. Their backgrounds vary from architecture, design, art, technology to business, marketing, advertising and finance. Each with a unique perspective, the team is united in the belief that playable cities are indeed more people-friendly and better places to live and work.

PCT team are; Hiromi Takahashi / landscape designer, Takahiro Saito / Investment banker, Shuntaro Taniguchi / communication planner, Yuka Okada / Daily explorer, Yoshihisa Yabuuchi / local civil servant and “IT” Marketing planner, Yusuke Asako / Master student of Architectural design, Noritaka Ishibayashi / Architect Misato Tanaka / marketing communication planner, Daichi Sato / Master student