Junki Yoshioka

Junki is a Digital Hospital Artist and Fab Nurse. After gaining experience working as a ward nurse at an emergency medical center, he now works as a visiting nurse delivering at-home care. Wanting to change the negative images people have of hospital environments, he started delivering “Digital Hospital Art” to draw patients’ dreams to life by bringing the magic of digital art into hospitals. He has developed sensing based systems that match the body mobility of individual patients, and has created interactive digital art for hospitals in collaboration with medical staff. Current work includes research on “Fab Nurse”, looking into applications of digital fabrication technologies in nursing.

He is interested in technologies that can be tailored to support patients and families by responding to their individual conditions and environment, and communities where collaboration occurs across fields, such as medical, art, design, engineering etc. His wish is to realise a world in which everyone has the freedom of choice and expression.