Fábio Florencio

Fábio has been working in the games industry since 2006, beginning as a Game Tester, moving to Sound Designer in 2007 and then to a Game Designer position, in which he has remained since 2008. He graduated in music and has a master’s degree in design. Fábio has a passion for games, playing always when possible, and reading news daily. He is also an avid World of Warcraft player and loves pen and paper RPG’s (D&D and Vampire: The Masquerade). As a Game Designer, he has worked on several titles including social games, advergames, educational games and company’s IP’s to different platforms as PSN, Windows 8, Samsung Smart TV, Bada, JavaME, iOS (iPhone/iPad), OVI, Web (Unity, Flash, HTML5), Android and XNA. Nowadays, he works at Rovio Entertainment, Finland.