Creative Producers Lagos Lab

In March 2021 we invited 12 Lagos-based Creative Producers to participate in a 5-day online lab.

The lab seeded a network of Lagos-based producers working across theatre, film, festivals, visual art, radio, design and fashion.

Through the lab we delivered a series of workshops exploring:

  • Creative producing skills
  • Who is a creative producer?
  • Understanding your creative neighbourhood
  • Understanding you and your value as a business
  • Designing access into your work
  • Building successful collaborations and networking

The lab was delivered in partnership between Watershed and Made Culture.

Want to run a lab?

We have developed an effective model for online development labs which can be replicated, partnering to adapt to local context. Get in touch to find out more.

This lab was funded by British Council and Bristol+Bath Creative R+D.

Illustration by Jazz Thompson


Photo by Jon Aitken


Made Culture

Made Culture is a social development project management and strategic communications consultancy working with people and organizations to respond to some of Africa’s most pressing challenges. We believe that solutions powered by people can unlock context-driven strategies that can change the world. So we design strategies that can transform people and make organisations work smarter. 


Watershed champions engagement, imagination and ingenuity, working locally, nationally and globally from our home in Bristol, UK. We are home to the Pervasive Media Studio, hosting a brilliant community of over 100 artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. You can read more about our previous work on Creative Producers International funded by British Council.

Photo by Jon Aitken



Byenyan Jessica Bitrus

Byenyan is a cultural/creative producer. She is passionate about working with multidisciplinary artists and organizations to create relevant and meaningful productions.




Kehinde Adegboyega

Kehinde is a budding freelance creative producer based in Lagos. His creative media experience covers TV programme production, documentary filmmaking, short films, and digital media consultation for Non Profit organizations. 




Mosadioluwa Washington

Mosadioluwa Washington is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in various mediums.  He is an artist with a great passion for facial expressions,  moods, and day-to-day issues, he believes in stories left untold.




Precious Iroagalachi

Precious is a storyteller with a deep knowledge of human psychology and behaviour. Exploring human emotions through film and photography, she has sculpted her passion and obsession into a medium for addressing themes of human realities.




Tomiwa Afolabi 

Tomiwa is an image consultant (style advisor) and the founder of INÁ — a ready-to-wear fashion design and stylish brand. His designs have been showcased on several noteworthy platforms including the Lagos Urban Fashion show.



‘Tope Sanni

‘Tope is a Media practitioner with experience in Television, Radio, and Digital media for the last 7 years. She is also the digital media manager for the Performing Arts Workshop and Studios.




Deborah Ashan

Deborah Ashan is a multidisciplinary designer, passionate about fashion design, architecture, digital art, and the application of technology as an enabler for work-life. She is the Creative Director at Illustrative Fashion.




Inara Alazigha

Inara, popularly known as “Inara Ziha” is a multifaceted Artist and Product Designer. Her areas of expertise encompass both Digital and Mixed Media. As a visual communicator, her work depicts cultural symbolism in contemporary abstraction.




Ayo Lawson

Ayo has always been passionate about the creative. She aims to create a platform for Creative Art, Film, Music, and Culture to be accessible to the average Nigerian and eventually expand across Africa.




Shirley Urhobo-Enebong

Shirley is a visual storyteller and content creator with 7 years of experience in various areas within corporate and creative spaces. She is extremely passionate about smart design solutions and has been described as a creative problem solver.




Oprah Coco

Oprah (aka Oprah Coco) is a voice-over artist, content producer, and presenter on radio. She runs a lifestyle channel on YouTube and is passionate about media & arts. She strives to create relatable content that appeals to all audiences.



Yetunde Ogundipe

Yetunde is a Content Producer/Director. She makes Films, Commercials, TV shows, and short-form videos. She is happy to have found that thing that gives her the hots, the aspect of production she is passionate about – #Stopmotion Animation.







Illustration by Jazz Thompson



The Team

Malaika Toyo

Malaika is a social development consultant and the Principal Director of Made Culture – a project management and development consultancy based in Nigeria. She designs solutions at the confluence of business, culture, and politics in Africa. She is an entrepreneurial thinker with

innovative ideas driven by people and business insights. She has a deep passion for supporting small businesses and start-ups with a focus on using co-design methodologies and leveraging technology to solve Africa’s most pressing problem. She is also a director at A Whitespace Creative Agency where she actively works to improve the creative entrepreneurial ecosystem


Remi Olaniyi

Remi began her career working on projects that helped people living with disabilities develop life and work-ready skills. In the past few years, she has contributed to the successful delivery of various development projects in the public and private sectors. 

Currently, she works as a Project Manager at Made Culture supporting Africans to reach their full potential.





Rachael Burton

Rachael is a producer on the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D programme. Her role is to support a collaborative programme of research and business development to improve the performance of the creative industries in the region and in particular Bristol, ensuring they continue to flourish. She is currently working on both Digital Placemaking and Expanded Performance.



Jo Lansdowne

Jo is Executive Producer of the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D project and the South West Creative Technology Network, collaborative partnerships with Universities that bring together academia and the creative industries. Jo also leads the Creative Technology team; supporting innovation activity, individual talent development and our community of studio residents. I believe that knowledge, technology, culture and commerce might be more evenly distributed if developed through inclusive, caring and critically engaged processes and networks.


Will Taylor

A creative producer working mostly in audio, podcast production. My work beyond that focuses on research around inclusive best practice and processes of transformation. I’m currently co-leading on Rising Arts Agency’s BE IT programme focusing on how we can reframe leadership and social change through the creative sector. I am a Digital Placemaking Fellow with Bristol+Bath Creative R+D.






Illustration by Jazz Thompson