Love Thy Neighbourhood

Nobody knows your neighbourhood the way you do.  Oxford, like all cities, is a collection of different neighbourhoods with different personalities. Working with Oxford based artists and authors we will design and write a stimulating mixture of colourful visual media and poetry to be emblazoned throughout the city to support a digital micro-journey sharing platform – uniquely for Oxford.  Zeitgeisty? Love Thy Neighbourhood will be a marriage of technology, the arts and humanities.

A bimble is the trail you create when you are out and about.  Three to five stops you like to make threaded together to make a little journey.  We all have bimbles, now imagine if you could share them.  Bimble’s software makes it easy and fun to create inspirational, personal bimbles and then share them and browse others on our platform.

Love Thy Neighbourhood will be a visual and interactive experience around Oxford.  Using beautifully designed, brightly coloured and most importantly interactive stickers, poetry and pieces of art Love Thy Neighbourhood will use this medium to lead people to the platform. Intrigued? This installation brings together all the diverse and wonderful communities of Oxford in what could be a truly beautiful sharing journey.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

10 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbourhood

  1. I’m going to sound right poncy …but I like the term ‘flaneur’ and I think flaneur-ing is being open to exploring and wandering without a plan. I feel a bit sad that these kind of experiences need their data recording or capturing.

    1. Hi Becca. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Our proposal for Playable City focuses on Oxford, seen through the eyes of your neighbours. Do you see what they see? The plan is for an interactive, hugely visual experience, married with technology, to be rolled out all over the city. Follow this link to a blog we’ve made about it. We’d love to know what you think.

  2. I think this can be achieved without technology, and better without technology. Lots of books on Oxford and short stories about hidden places in Oxford. Do we have to move so far from self-discovery or putting some effort into wanting to discover a city?

  3. Hi Wendy. We’re quite different from guidebooks – I hope you don’t mind me explaining why. Bimbles are created by local people and because of this they offer variety and choice from all sorts of different and authentic sources. The digital aspect – that bimbles are shared on a webpage – simply makes them quickly and easily accessible to all and for no cost. But the exciting aspects for Playable City are also the visual elements throughout Oxford of interactive art and poetry by local artists and writers. It should be fun. Hope you’ll give us a chance. Francesca

  4. I love how this proposal looks beyond Oxford’s usual ‘sights,’ promising to reveal small and intriguing places we might otherwise never discover. I can see how it could benefit both the local and visiting community, using technology to bring people together to share personal experiences. I think the digital aspect massively broadens the audience and would engage younger people (let’s be realistic about life today and celebrate that information is at our fingertips – free of charge and curated by like minded people to our specific desires, not just those of a professional travel writer). It’s a contemporary approach, but with a certain old fashioned charm and the ability to encompass everything from food and drink to arts and architecture. And (from what I understand reading this), there will be a little legacy of Oxford ‘bimbles’ at the end of the project. As an Oxfordshire country resident who never wanders around the city outside of the main attractions and shops (it’s hard to know where to start), I would be excited to go on a little treasure trail of Oxford’s hidden delights, starting wherever I land the pin on the map.

  5. I love this idea. Live outside Oxford but love being a visitor and would be intrigued to see others’ bimbles. I’m sure there is lots I am missing. Guide books are wonderful but real “out of the way” experiences are what we are all seeking these days.

  6. Hi Lucy. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I agree – its not about WOW factor but about sharing where the interesting things are. I think we say in our post, “It’s neither touristy nor sightseeing but about what people actually do in the neighbourhoods they know well.” And this comes with a curation of its own because people will be motivated to create bimbles they believe to be worthy of a mention. My favourite part is the interactive stickers that will provide a digital illumination about what bimbles are out there. Cosmic…

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